Search the entire internet for uses of the Python programming language and they list them with Desktop Applications marked as not very suited with python. But years ago in 2016 when I was hoping to move on from web development to software development, told me I should choose python because it is used to build some modern and advanced scientific applications, then they mentioned blender3d. I knew blender3d, it is an awesome 3d creation software. love

I was an admin of an organization’s WhatsApp platform. The most important thing the admins did was to wish everyone on their birthday. We were not supposed to miss it. It involved keeping a book (literally) on every member of the organization just so we don’t miss their birthday. I thought of building an App that will do that, just take care of the bookkeeping and also have an alarm system that will inform on who was the celebrant that day. Now I have discovered we could have also sent the messages programmatically from the App. …

Surely, one day, most apps on the Android platform will be built with Qt - the UI of those apps with their beautiful Qml scripting language.

Xml is ugly, mixing that with Java’s syntax and handing it over to developers as the only way to design UIs for your device is inhumane.

In case you already know about Qt, good, if not…, oh, you might want to share our joy and our enthusiasm with, the technology that built WhatsApp (because it powered Nokia), that also powers Adobe products including Photoshop and Premiere pro. …

Ampofo Amoh - Gyebi


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